Registration & Fees

SonDance Registration and Fees

Fees for 2020-21

30 Minutes: $40/month
45 Minutes: $47/month
1 hour: $50/month
Family Cap: 5 classes (the 5 highest cost classes)*

SonDance Academy is pleased to be opening with extra precautions and safety measures in place. Our number one priority is keeping our dancers and their families safe. Please familiarize yourself and comply with the Letter to Parents, Safety Guidelines and Policies attached below. A Registration Form (also below) must be completed for each dancer. All classes will be offered in person as well as virtually through our portal.

*For families with multiple dancers or for dancers who take more than 5 classes, we offer a Family Cap rate. This means that your entire family may take as many classes as they would like (or a dancer may take more than five classes) and the price for all of those classes for the entire family will be no more than the cost of five classes (the 5 highest cost classes). That means after you pay for 5 classes, the entire family (or a dancer) may take an unlimited amount of classes. Family Cap families please submit a Volunteer Program Application along with your Registration Form in order to qualify to receive the monthly Family Cap tuition rate on an ongoing basis. Eligibility to receive and continue to receive the monthly Family Cap tuition rate is based on a family’s ongoing volunteer service at SonDance.

Form of Payment

For the 2020-21 season, all payments must be made by ACH debit. After you register using the on line portal, if you are new to SonDance, please print the ACH authorization form below. Each month starting in September, you will receive an invoice via email. Please review the invoice. If there are issues or you have questions, please contact us. Otherwise, your account will be debited for that amount. All fees are collected via ACH debit. If you are a returning SonDance family, there is no need to complete a new ACH form. If you are new to SonDance please print off the ACH form below and submit it to us during the first week of classes in September.

How Do I Register?

This year, we are suggesting advance registration due to the tremendous interest in SonDance classes. Please register via our secure online registration portal at the link below.

  1. Click link
  3. Follow prompts and continue registration! See the Registration form below. On or before the first class, we must have a signed Registration Form on file. You may scan it or print it and mail it to us.
  4. All dancers must comply with 2020-21 Safety Guidelines and Policies. Please familiar yourself and all dancers with the Letter to Parents, Policies and the Safety Guidelines.
  5. The total balance when checking out in the system will be for September charges and WILL INCLUDE $20 REGISTRATION FEE. Spring costume charges may be charged in November if it looks like we will have a spring recital.
  6. You do not have to pay for classes at registration despite the prompts to do so. You will receive an invoice for September charges and then your account will be debited via ACH.

You will receive an email confirming your registration with a few important details!

Here is the link to view to all the classes, if you would like to see those before you enroll.

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 22nd


Volunteer Program Application
ACH Authorization Form

For info call (207) 985-9287